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About us

We at Efkay have over 30 years of diverse experience and deal with Architecture, Interior Designing, Town Planning, Landscaping and Project Management. We have to our credit projects of all types. From low cost and sustainable to grandiose and luxurious.

Efkay Architects is headed by Ar. Fauzia Asad Khan , who is assisted by a team of specialist Architects and Consultants.

Efkay has done a variety of projects in both the residential and commercial sectors all over Pakistan, primarily in the Capital, Islamabad and its surrounding areas and suburbs.

In the words of our Principal Architect Ar. Fauzia Asad Khan,

"Design for us is encompassing, it's about values. We feel that it is our moral duty to design well and with total responsibility, Whether it is the scale of a door knob or master-planning, it should fulfill functionality, aesthetics and economic requirements. We also believe in physical presence on the site of every project. Designing for us is a human act- a response to the need of people, both material and spiritual, it should transform patterns of health, living and working conditions."

Efkay's agenda is to manifest our clients desires and wishes into a physical form and thus turn dreams into reality as best as is possible.

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